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I have a disability. Am I entitled to an allowance?

There is no stand-alone Multiple Sclerosis Benefit.*
An allowance is given to People suffering from Multiple Sclerosis only when the disabilities (motor, orthocystic, etc.) caused by the disease exceed the rate of 67%.
This percentage of disability is attributed to the patient by the Disability Certification Centers (KEPA) in which he is examined after his application.
As for the duration of the disability given, and therefore the allowance, even though the disease, at least so far, is incurable, it is from 1 to 3 years. In irreversible cases of patients where their disability is 80-90%, it applies for life.
For more information consult the AMSKP Benefits Guide here…

*Our Association is fighting to establish a MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS BENEFIT and to give it as soon as the MS patient is diagnosed. He should be assigned a 50% disability rate. To achieve this goal, it exerts pressure on the state.

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