Advocacy for M.S. in Western Greece


The project \”Advocacy for Multiple Sclerosis in Western Greece\”, implemented by the Public Benefit Association for the Care and Relief of Aged and Disabled named \”FRONTIZO\” with the Greek Association for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis in Western Hellas (GUTS).
The aim of the project is to implement targeted actions in different regions of Western Greece in order:

  • to safeguard the rights of patients with multiple sclerosis and particularly of those who are in a productive age,
  • to act as an intermatiate carier to organizations of Western Grrece to ensure cooperation in order to support people with MS,
  • to create public awareness of the community on issues relating to the disease of MS and those who live and have to cope with it.

Main activity of the project is the creation of the \”Office of Advocacy for Treatment of patients with MS,\” is sited in the offices of GUTS (Square of Labour Housing, by New Nat. Road Patras-Athens, apt. 2, Patras-Greece) and staffed by mental health professional with experience in MS.

The role of EEASKP is very important for the project since it will contribute:

  • In the mediation for finding the target group of the project consisted by people with MS and theri families  and create a registry of those beneficiaries,
  • in organizing and communicating members for operating self-helping groups in the main cities of Western Greece (Patras, Pyrgos, Agrinio),
  • in operating an office within the offices of GUTS in Patras-Greece,
  • in the dissemination of project results as well to raise public awareness on the subjects such as the needs and problems of people with Multiple Sclerosis.

For further information, please call at +302610422655 or e-mail us at
Office Working Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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